Levy en Sepanta live for their fans. They will always go the extra mile to give their fans exactly what they want: stunning, aestetic, tempting and erotic photos and videos of their rousing bodies. They experienced great success on platform OnlyFans for a good reason. Levy and Sepanta were the OnlyFans top creators in The Netherlands and every day thousands of fans enjoyed their adult content.

Over the years they have built a stellar international reputation for themselves. Unfortunately, platform Onlyfans became too restrictive which changed how they were able to deliver their content. Levy and Sepanta no longer want to hold back and disappoint their fans. They have decided to take back their power: on their new platform FANATISE they amaze their fans with more, better content where they break all taboos!

FANATISE is the place to be for all your wildest dreams about levy and Sepanta, and the place where your wildest fantasies become reality. Levy and Sepanta expose it all and fans get to enjoy all new content that will leave you wanting more. They enchant and excite, tempt you and let you dream away to sensational moments and excitement with their strong, toned bodies.

My body is an expression of art!
Levy (1996) started his career when he was 20 years old as a fitness model and personal trainer. He explored the human body not only in career but also in other aspects of his life. He loves the human body and calls it art, which combines greatly with his desire to find and explore his own boundaries, which leaves his audience craving. You could consider him the king of teasing. He never leaves his fans bored but rather excited and asking for more.

I allow everyone to enjoy me!
Sepanta came into Levy’s life a couple of years later. They became good friends while Sepanta was still building his modeling and YouTube legacy. Sepanta’s sex appeal did not go unnoticed, and when he turned 18 he went on to kickstart his adult content journey. Within only one year he made it as one of the best known OnlyFans adult content creators.

With FANATISE Levy and Sepanta bundle their knowledge and experience to let their fans experience even more pleasure, fantasies and craving for Levy and Sepanta. Expect the unexpected, as their naughty twist explores and pushes boundaries as never before.